Successfactors Training

We also help with Certification preparation, on Job Support, Proxy interview, sample resumes, instance and admin access

Manage Users
          Reset User Passwords
          Employee Import
          Employee Export
          Documents Transfer
          Goal Transfer
          Send System Message Email Notification
          Reset User Account
          Set User Status
          Change User Email Notification
          Change User Information
          Matrix Manager and Custom Manager Relationship Import
          Manage User

Manage Security
          Default User Permissions
          Default User Group Assignment
          Administrative Privileges
          Human Resources Privileges
          Detailed Reporting Privileges
          Dashboard / List View / Spotlight View / Report Permission
          Permission to Create Forms
          Permission to Create Notes
          Permission to Access Jam
          Permission to Access Mobile
          Permission to Manage Home Page
          Mass Create Group Permission
          Compensation Management Permission
          Organization Report Permission
          Succession Management and Matrix Report Permissions
          Live Profile Access
          Security Permission Reports
          Talent Search Access
          Proxy Management
          Proxy Import
          Manage Support Access
          Manage Family Roles Access

Form Template Administration
          Form Templates
          Manage Form Label Translations
          Routing Maps
          Rating Scales
          Mass Create Form Instances
          Set Corporate Goals
          Schedule Mass Form Creation

Managing Documents
          Modify Form Route Map
          Delete Documents
          Restore Deleted Documents
          Approve Document
          Sign Document
          Route Document
          Route Signature Stage Document
          Route Completed Documents
          Complete/Decline 360 document
          Restore Completed 360
          Import Overall Scores
          Change 360 Process Owner
          Manage Form Goal Plan Data Association
          Change Participant Category
          Manage Document Visibility
          Change Document Date
          File Storage Management

Managing Competencies and Skills
          Competency Libraries
          Calculate 360 Benchmark Ratings
          Families and Roles
          Legal Scan Library
          Legal Scan Library Import

System Properties
          Company Process
          Data Privacy Consent Statement Settings
          Bulletin Board Message Settings
          Password & Login Policy Settings
          Company System and Logo Settings
           Upload Company Logo
          Manage v12 Home Page
          Manage Asserting Parties
          Org Chart Configuration
          E-Mail Notification Templates Settings
          Process Guide Setting
          Help Link Settings
          Text Replacement
          Link Settings
          Company Dictionary
          Change Engine Configuration

          Live Profiles
          Import Extended User Information
          Export Extended User Information
          Picklist Management
          Picklists Mappings Set Up

          Succession Management
          Import Nomination Transfers
          Succession Settings
          Import Successors

          Talent Search Management
          Talent Search Settings

          Enable Mobile Features
          Manage Mobile Users

Employee Files
          Configure Employee Files
          Portlet Permissions
          Automatic Manager Transfer
          Employee Delta Export

          Employee Directory
          Seating Chart

Compensation Administration
          Manage Compensation Plan Template
          Manage Salary Pay Matrices
          Manage Lookup Table
          Manage Job Code and Pay Grade Map
          Manage Currency Conversion Rate Tables
          Manage Stock Value Tables
          Manage Stock Factors Tables
          Manage Stock Participation Guideline Tables
          Compensation Groups
     Compensation Group Management
     Compensation Group Assignment
     Compensation Group Import
     Compensation Group Export
          Manage Compensation Executive Review Permission
          Manage Families And Groups
          Manage Compensation Forms
     Create New Form
     Mass Create Forms
          Update Compensation Forms for Template
          Update Compensation Worksheets
          Generate Compensation Hierarchy for Rollup Report
          Compensation Form Membership
     Move Employees Between Worksheets
     Add Employees To Worksheets
     Delete Employees From Worksheets
          Manage Compensation Planner Permission
          Compensation Rollup
          Compensation Aggregate Export
          Budget Assignment
          Budget Override
          Store Compensation Data in Live Profile
          Store Compensation Data in Employee Central
          Manage Personal Compensation Statement
     Manage Personal Compensation Statement Permissions
     Manage Personal Compensation Statement Templates
     Generate Personal Statement

          Processes and Forms
          Rating Scales
          Performance Management Date Range
          Filtering Options
          Individual Portlets
          Portlet Permissions
          List Views
          Employee Delta Export
          Manage Dashboards

Manage Goals
          Import Goals
          Import/Export user and goal plan permission association
          Import/Export Goals library

Integration Tools
          OData API Audit Log
          OData API Data Dictionary
          OData API Metadata Refresh and Export


104 Industrial Blvd, Suite P,
Sugar Land, TX, 77479

We are located close to Hwy 59 and
Hwy 90 in Sugar Land , TX


Phone : 419 408 3178

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