There is strength in numbers, leverage your networks!. Refer and make extra cash!

Refer a candidate, coworker, colleague, or friend for any position with one of our clients and receive thousands of dollars!

Refer H1B candidate and after the candidate gets a job you will get $2000 USD.
Refer a master’s degree student graduating in Engg, Comp Sc or IT and get $500 after the student signs the contract
Refer a candidate for training and after candidates joins you will receive $150.
Join us as partner and receive 90% of all the profits you bring*.

We pay all the costs of H-1B Visas.
An individual can receive H-1B Visa status for six years (they are usually issued in three-year increments). Subsequent years can be issued if a labor certification has been pending for at least one year.

We are also looking for Trainers in:
JAVA, SAP all modules, Oracle, Informatica, .Net, SharePoint, C++, Unix administration, PMP, QA and all other MS and Cisco tools. We pay great money for few hours of teaching.

Work with us and get 50% profit sharing , get up to 75% if you bring your own candidate and client.

We offer $2000 referral bonus (Terms and conditions apply )


104 Industrial Blvd, Suite P,
Sugar Land, TX, 77479

We are located close to Hwy 59 and
Hwy 90 in Sugar Land , TX


Phone : 419 408 3178

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