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Class outline

Sales Overview

  • Introduction to Sales and Distribution Module
  • Business Scenarios in Sales and Distribution
  • SD documents (ex: Sales order, Delivery, Billing) and structure
  • SD Document Flow Overview

Enterprise overview and creation with cross module overview

Master Data: Materials, Info Records, Output, Pricing

  • Data origin in Sales documents
  • Material Master Data (Sales Views)
  • Product Hierarchy
  • Customer Material Information Records
  • Output Master Data and Analysis
  • Pricing Master Data and Analysis

Sales order creation and understand the business needs and information process and its relation

  • Sales order processing Make to Stock (MTS) Overview
  • Information process in sales view: Where and how the sales order is being processed
  • Understand and create Business partners and master data
  • Automatic information process in sales view: e.g. plants
  • Exploring business process in sales order: changes to sales order docs
  • Understand the sales process blocks

The behavior and control of sales docs with sales doc types

  • The business objectives and its importance
  • Function and process in controlling
  • Business process in sales and its functions
  • Phases in sales and its doc category types and how to control sales doc types
  • Sales Document types functions

Modifying the sales doc types with item category according to the business needs

  • Key Process in determining the item categories and its examples and its purpose
  • Item category functionality overview, and variation, and its outcome
  • Item Categories and item Category Determination
  • BOM : Bills of materials in sales doc and its purpose in sales process
  • How to create and process with different functionality and its rules


Sales document and item schedule control

  • The nature of the doc type and its categories: schedule line and its functionality
  • Exploring schedule line categories


Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements

  • Availability Check (ATP)
  • Transfer of Sales Requirements


The flow of screens in sales and data transformation from doc type to doc type

  • Understanding of doc flow and completion status of the doc process
  • Copying control in Sales docs and its usage

Document process in Incompletion

  • What are the impacts of incompletion rule and its behavior in sales docs
  • How to customizing the incompletion for a given sales doc
  • Controlling the Incompletion log
  • At what level it is used and how

Delivery Processing

  • Order Management- Creating deliveries
  • Shipping Point and Route Determination
  • Delivery Monitor
  • Picking, Posting Goods Issue


  • Forms of billing
    • Invoices based on deliveries and services
    • Special billing types such as credit and debit memos
  • Methods for creating billing documents
    • Collective processing of billing documents
    • Billing Due List
    • Invoice Split Analysis
    • Proforma Invoices
  • Revenue account determination
  • Billing payment terms (FI-AR)
  • Special features of the SD/FI-CO interface
  • Credit card Monitoring report

Special Business sales process and it’s transaction

  • Customer Complaint Processing
    • Returns
    • Credits Memos
    • Debit Memos
    • Invoice Corrections

Basic Functions in Sales and Distribution

  • Text Determination
  • Output Determination
  • Price Determination

Outline agreements and its overview

  • Understanding of outline agreements
  • Sales doc types for different outline agreements
  • How to schedule outline agreement
  • Quantity contract
  • Messages about open outline agreements
  • How the data is activated for contracts; and how to determine the dates for these kind of contract agreements
  • Creation of Material Determination Master Record
  • Procedure in condition technique listing and exclusion
  • Hands on material determination and product selection and material Listing and material Exclusion

Free goods and its sales process

  • Understanding business process and needs in free goods concept overview
  • Exploring free goods and customizing free goods
  • Hands on free goods process. Condition technique, free goods master data, free goods calculation rule


Day-4 (Configuration)

Enterprise Structure

  • Definition:
    • Sales & Distribution
      • Sales Org (Hint: copy from SO01)
      • Distribution Channel
      • Sales office
      • Sales Group
    • Logistics General
      • Plant
      • Division
    • Material Management
      • Storage Location
    • Logistics Execution
      • Shipping Point (Hint: copy from SP01)
      • Loading Point
  • Assignment
    • Sales & Distribution
      • Sales Org to Company code
      • Distribution Channel to Sales Org
      • Division to Sales Org
      • Setup Sales Area
      • Sales Office to Sales Area
      • Sales Group to Sales Office
      • Plant to Sales Org/Distribution Channel
      • Business Area Account Assignment
        • Define Rules By Sales Area
        • Assign Business Area To Plant And Division
      • Plant to company code
      • Shipping Point to Plant
  • Consistency Check
    • Check enterprise structure for Sales and Distribution


Sales and Distribution:

  • Master Data
    • Define Common Distribution Channels
    • Define Common Divisions
  • Sales
    • Sales Documents
      • Sales Document Header – Define Sales Document Types
      • Sales Document Item – Define Item Category & Assign Item Categories
      • Schedule Lines
    • Maintain Copy Control for Sales Documents
      • Copying Control: Sales Document to Sales Document
  • Billing
    • Define Billing Types
      • Define Billing Types
      • Maintain Copying Control For Billing Documents
  • Basic Functions
    • Pricing
      • Define and Assign Pricing Procedures
        • Define Condition Types
        • Define Access Sequences
        • Define Condition Tables
        • Define And Assign Pricing Procedures
    • Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements
      • Availability Check
        • Availability Check with ATP Logic or Against Planning
      • Transfer of Requirements
        • Determination of Requirement Types Using Transaction
        • Define Requirements Types
        • Define Requirements Classes
    • Partner Determination
      • Set Up Partner Determination
        • Set Up Partner Determination for Customer Master
        • Set Up Partner Determination for Sales Document Header
    • Text Control (Hint: for your reference only)
      • Define Text Types
        • Customer – Sales & Distribution
        • Sales Document (Header)
      • Define Access Sequences For Determining Texts
        • Customer – Sales & Distribution
        • Sales Document (Header)
      • Define and Assign Text Determination Procedures
    • Log of Incomplete Items
      • Define Incompleteness Procedures
      • Assign Incompleteness Procedures
        • Assign procedures to the sales document types
      • Define Status Groups
    • Credit Management/Risk Management
      • Credit Management
        • Define Credit Groups
        • Assign Sales Documents and Delivery Documents
        • Define Automatic Credit Control



  • Output Control
    • Output Determination
      • Output Determination Using the Condition Technique
        • Maintain Output Determination for Sales Documents
          • Maintain Output Types
          • Define Access Sequences
          • Define Condition Tables
          • Maintain Output Determination Procedure
          • Assign Output Determination Procedures
        • Maintain Output Determination for Billing Documents
          • Maintain Output Types
          • Define Access Sequences
          • Define Condition Tables
          • Maintain Output Determination Procedure
          • Assign Output Determination Procedures
  • Account Assignment/Costing
    • Revenue Account Determination : Assign G/L Accounts
  • Material Determination
    • Maintain Prerequisites for Material Determination
    • Assign Procedures To Sales Document Types
  • Listing / Exclusion
    • Maintain listing/exclusion types
    • Maintain access sequences for listing / exclusion
    • Procedures for maintaining listing/exclusion


Logistics – General:

  • Business Partner
    • Customers
      • Control – Define Account Groups and Field Selection for Customers
  • Material Master
    • Basic Settings
      • Material Types – Define Attributes of Material Types
    • Settings for Key Fields
      • Data Relevant to Sales and Distribution
        • Define Product Hierarchies – Maintenance: Prod. Hierarchy


Logistics Execution:

  • Shipping
    • Basic Shipping Functions
      • Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination – Assign Shipping Points
      • Routes
        • Define Routes – Define Routes and Stages
        • Route Determination – Maintain Route Determination
    • Deliveries
      • Define Delivery Types
      • Define Item Categories for Deliveries
      • Picking
        • Determine Picking Location – Define Storage Conditions


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