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Unix/Linux Online Training

Our Unix/Linux trainers are highly talented and well experienced trainers we offer the Unix/Linux Online Course in a true global setting.

What is Unix/Linux?

  • Basic overview and history of unix/linux
  • Command line basics
  • Commands: ssh, ls, pwd, cd, cp, rm, mv

Using the Command Line

  • Accessing remote servers and files
  • Editing and manipulating files
  • Piping commands and saving output
  • Searching in command line history
  • Commands: mkdir, nano, cat, head, tail, less, clear, grep, sort, uniq, man, >, |, ssh-keygen

Operating System Organization

  • OS basics, processes
  • Filesystem layout
  • File permissions
  • Commands: chmod, find, locate

Your Own Copy of Linux

  • Overview of popular Linux distributions
  • Running Linux in a virtual machine
  • Super user powers
  • Installing applications
  • Commands: make, apt-get 

Programming in Linux

  • Simple Bash shell scripting
  • Compiling C/C++ files
  • File processing: awk, sed
  • Commands: gcc, sh

Programming & Scripting

  • Scripting

Configuring the System

  • Basic system administration
  • Setting environment variables
  • Listing users and processes
  • Basics of mount and NFS
  • Commands: uname, users, finger, alias, ps, top, kill, mount, df, du

Subversion Control and Advanced Topics 

  • Source control with SVN
  • More powerful editors: emacs, vim
  • More commands: svn, tar, screen, nohup, disown, nice, cron, whereis, which, diff, scp, rsync

UNIX Networking Basics 

  • Network Configuration
  • Network background knowledge
  • Basic Networking debugging

Security Issues and Traffic Monitoring 

  • IP Addressing
  • Address Resolution Protocol
  • Packet Sniffing
  • Unsecure vs Secure Network Connections

Network Connections and WWW

  • HTML
  • CSS

Review and all the others 

  • Course Evaluations
  • Review
  • Random Cool Topics

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